Community Rail & Alton

Published: 28 July 2019

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Representatives of Walk Alton, the Alton Society and Friends of Alton Station have been having discussions with South Western Railway with a view to establishing a Community Rail Partnership (CRP) in the Alton area. The benefits of a CPR include -:


working with SWR to improve the ambience and environment for all at Alton Station

highlighting local walking including way marking and maps at the station; and

highlighting local events and facilities including route marking / sign posting

Working with the established CPR's and SWR gives access to grants for well deserved local initiatives


Initially the strategy is to "adopt" Alton Station working with SWR and established groups like ALFI to improve the station ambience and local environment

Subsequently the ambition is to encourage other local communities to join the initiative in particular around Bentley Station to form the basis of an Alton Line CRP

Anyone who would like to help with this CRP initiative be it on an ad hoc basis working with parties at the station or with a more committed role should contact Paul Ebbutt at