Health Benefits

Why Walking is good for you

By Dr Hugh Bethell of Alton

Hugh was a GP in Alton and he founded the local cardiac rehabilitation centre, and is an enthusiast for the health benefits of all forms of exercise to help people maintain good health throughout their lives. He writes:

"The most effective way we can protect and enhance our good health is by taking regular exercise. There is no prescribable medication which is anywhere near as good at keeping us well. Indeed regular exercise is a highly more.

Hugh's Blog

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He will be publishing book shortly called 'Wake Up! before it's too late to exercise'.




Why walking is good for your mind?

By Sally Thomas 

Sally Thomas is a keen walker from Alton and a Counsellor in private practice offering walking as well as room-based counselling. She writes:

"Walking...... an opportunity to disconnect from your busy life and reconnect with nature, to listen to others and be heard, to put your worries into perspective and let your mind take some time off for a while....

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